Sunday, December 18, 2011

candy coloured bangs

Loving this garage grunge dusty dyed hair colour. It’s somewhat reministant of the early 90s when "no doubt" were cooler then icy poles and icy poles only cost 60c.
Britt and I have been thinking about colouring our lovely locks for quite some time now but we are both a tad nervous on taking the plunge maybe this silly season will be the perfect time to do it !!!


  1. Love this post! thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks Li Ying,
    we are glad you like our blog.. its only new and more of our own stuff will be up shortly..
    stay in touch. :) and dont foregt to like us on blog lovin.

  3. Love this post!I had this hair for a while last year, blue ends was fun while it lasted! You should take the plunge - there is also Colour Bug out from Kevin Murphy that's a less permanent approach to dip dyed ends! I haven't tried it yet, but my friends have they LOVE IT xx

  4. Oo thanks for the tip, Ill give it a go and let you know how I go. :) xx