Monday, January 30, 2012

Daimon Downey For BAY & FYFE

 Britt and I are loving the pastel zoo collection of silk scarves all screen printed and designed by the extremly talented Daimon. You may rember Daimon from the band sneaky sound system and while he said it was hard to leave for a number of personal and obvious reasons, he felt art was a better path as he feels that art has always been there and we thank him, these silky little numbers will brighten up any outfit as well as adding an artistic edge way more than his music would have. Although they will come at a bit of a pocket scrounger price of $249.00 the limited edition silk scarf's are a must have.

if you still like to hear daimon drop some beats i have heard that he some times DJ's at hugos lounge in sydney..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cool People in Cool Places


Cool Shades, Tribal Stripe Prints, Bright Neon Colours. Check it out here

Psychedelic Planet Blue - January Lookbook 2012

Palm Springs

Wowser how amazing does 4th and bleeker look in the new Free People Catalogue. Check the whole thing out here. Loving the sequined mermaid pants and cute pink scalloped shorts :) Looks like Im about to do some online shopping..

Image source - foam magazine + Free People

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spin Lunch - Mate

Today Britt & I decided to relive our childhood memories of high school little lunches. We traded our air-conditioned office for the sunshine filled car park, but unlike school we had no nagging teachers, we where allowed to play with no hat , our homemade lunches where not welted and sloppy and we could spin endlessly on the office chairs with being told off!   While we savored every last minute of our lunch break sun we sipped slowly on our cans of coke which urged us to share it with a mate... So we are sharing with you...our mates. :)  

Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful Imperfection Collection - 2012 by Stone Cold Fox.
Loving the bohemia and California girl lovechild feel to the 2012 collection from Stone cold fox.
Like Mosie & Teal, Stone cold fox is a collaboration of two girlfriends who share similar interests and draw inspiration from delicate vintage clothing and gypsies.
Designers Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand have designed a collection suitable for any girl that loves the sea breeze in her hair, the sun kissing her skin and the feeling of sand between her toes.
The feel of this label is small and the girls are willing to keep it this way if you are after some of their garments you can email them personally or if you are living in the USA you can pop in for a fitting… way to make a girl feel special.
 “ We kind of like being that brand that you know what it is but not everyone has it so when you finally buy a piece it’s really special,” - Cydney Morris
Also if you’re lucky enough to be living in the US of A the girls also host SCF parties it’s like a Tupperware party but way better!! The girls bring around the entire collection for you and 7 of your girlfriends to try on and fit the clothes to you personally. The hostess also gets 10% off their purchase! Britt and I are looking into moving over to Cali just so we can host one of these parties.
flick through there online lookboks here.